6In Ford Knuckle Lift Kit | 21-23 Bronco 4-Door | Without Sasquach Package

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Your Selected Product Fits These Vehicles

  • 2021-2023 Ford Bronco Base 4 Door
  • 2021-2023 Ford Bronco Base 4 Door 4WD
What is this?
  • This is a complete 6” lift kit for the 2021-2023 Ford Bronco, 4 Door without Sasquach Package
What does it include?
  • Steering knuckles, control arm crossmembers, strut spacers, sway bar correction, driveshaft spacer, front skid plate, front belly pan, differential relocation brackets, rear lower adjustable control arms, track bar bracket, and all hardware required to co
  • Detailed instruction manual walking you step-by-step through the leveling kit installation procedures suitable for do-it-yourselfers (DIY) or professional installation
  • The best customer service and technical help in the industry

Superlift’s 6 Inch Lift kit for the 2021-2023 Ford Bronco is intentionally over-built to be the best. Our uniquely engineered design adds strength and durability and has bonus features that others kits do not offer.


This kit features CNC machined steering knuckles, HD ¼” plate crossmembers, and a front skid plate with the Superlift “S” logo laser cut into the material for a modern look.   Another unique feature are the adjustable rear lower control arms. These control arms are on-vehicle adjustable and feature our dual durometer REFLEX bushing for quiet and maintenance free operation. Diff drops, strut spacers, sway bar correction, track bar bracket, and all other required parts are included to make sure your Bronco handles and performs just like a stock.


Like all Superlift kits, this 2021-2023 Ford Bronco 6” lift kit come with our Limited Lifetime Warranty.



  • CNC Machines Steering Knuckles
  • HD, high clearance lower control arm crossmembers
  • Front skid plate and belly pan for complete differential protection
  • On-Vehicle Adjustable rear lower control arms
  • Lift achieved via strut spacers
  • Rear track bar bracket, optional adjustable track bar available.
  • Level Stance




  • Stock ride quality
  • Maintains OEM alignment specs
  • Allows for 37-40” tall tires
  • OEM Beadlock wheels will work.


NOTES: Additional Fitments                                            

  • Does not fit Bronco Sport Models
  • Does not fit models equipped with Sasquatch package
  • Does not fit Wildtrack and First Edition
Tire Wheel Offset (MM)
37x12.50R17 17x8.5 0 to -12
37x12.50R17 17x9 0 to -12


IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The provided tire/wheel fitments are approximate. Actual dimensions of a given tire size can vary considerably from one brand to another. Manufacturers' wheel offset and backspacing measurement points are not always consistent. Backspacing greatly impacts tire-to-fender clearance when turning. Wheel width and backspacing influence whether the tires protrude past the fenders, and to what extent. Considering these important factors, we recommend that you fit-check your tire/wheel selection prior to purchasing.

  • Installation time: 4-5 hours
  • Difficulty level: 3 of 5