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4in Ram Coil Spacer Lift Kit | 14-18 2500 | Shock Brackets

4in Ram Coil Spacer Lift Kit | 14-18 2500 | Shock Brackets

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  • 2014-2018 Ram 2500
What is this?
  • This is a complete bracket style suspension lift kit for the 2014-2018 Dodge Ram 2500 4WD – all engines
  • Provides 4” lift height
  • Includes coil spacers, track bar bracket and related brackets
What does it include?
  • Front and rear coil spring spacers, track bar brackets, radius arm brackets, shock brackets, drop pitman arm, sway bar correction, and all hardware required specific to the 2014-2018 2500 4WD Dodge Ram all Engines
  • Detailed instruction manual walking you step-by-step through the lift kit installation procedures suitable for do-it-yourselfers (DIY) or professional installation

This is the Superlift 4” coil spacer lift kit for the 2014-2018 Ram 2500 4WD’s with the HEMI or Diesel Engine.

Superlift’s 4” coil spacer lift kit was engineered to retain all of the Ram 2500 factory specifications while giving you the height you want for seriously larger tires, more ground clearance and an ultra-aggressive look for a price so low, it’ll make you a do a double take.

This lift kit for the Ram maintains the factory, progressive-rated coil springs by utilizing new coil springs spacers. A new dropped pitman arm works in conjunction with Superlift’s track bar relocation bracket to ensure proper steering geometry and track bar phasing. New radius arm drop brackets restore factory alignment specifications and suspension compression travel bump-stops are also provided. This kit relocates the sway bar to prevent bar pre-load.

In the rear, Superlift modifies the factory 4 link design with a coil spacer to yield 2.5” of height which negates the factory nose-down stance. A new track bar bracket keeps the axle centered and the bump stops brake lines, and sway bar is relocated.

NOTE: Does not fit Power Wagon models or Ram’s equipped with air ride suspension

Tire Wheel Backspacing Offset
35 x 12.5 17 x 9 4.5 - 5 -
35 x 12.5 18 x 9 4.5 - 5 -
35 x 12.5 20 x 9 4.5 - 5 -


IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The provided tire/wheel fitments are approximate. Actual dimensions of a given tire size can vary considerably from one brand to another. Manufacturers' wheel offset and backspacing measurement points are not always consistent. Backspacing greatly impacts tire-to-fender clearance when turning. Wheel width and backspacing influence whether the tires protrude past the fenders, and to what extent. Considering these important factors, we recommend that you fit-check your tire/wheel selection prior to purchasing.

  • Installation time: 8 hours
  • Difficulty level: 3 of 5

NOTE: Does not fit Power Wagon models or Ram’s equipped with air ride suspension

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