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2In Leveling Kit | 22-24 Toyota Tundra

2In Leveling Kit | 22-24 Toyota Tundra

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Your Selected Product Fits These Vehicles

  • 2022-2024 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition
  • 2022-2024 Toyota Tundra Capstone
  • 2022-2024 Toyota Tundra Limited
  • 2022-2024 Toyota Tundra Platinum
  • 2022-2024 Toyota Tundra SR
  • 2022-2024 Toyota Tundra SR5
What is this?
  • This is a 2inch leveling kit for a 2022-2024 Toyota Tundra 4WD
What does it include?
  • Upper Strut Spacers
  • Detailed instruction manual walking you step-by-step through the lift kit installation procedures suitable for do-it-yourselfers (DIY) or professional installation

2 inch Leveling Kit – 2022-2024 Toyota Tundra 2 & 4WD


This is the SUPERLIFT 2 inch Leveling Kit for a 2022-2024 Toyota Tundra. Built from quality material; comes at a good price; it’s a simple Remove & Replace item; truck looks great & has a more aggressive stance.


Superlift's Level-It lift systems are the perfect solution for anyone wanting an economical and easy way to eliminate the factory nose-down rake on virtually all late-model trucks and SUVs. Whether it's simply leveling the truck's stance, making the room to go up a couple of tire sizes, or plus-sizing the tire and wheel package on the vehicle, Level-It components work with factory suspension components to achieve modest ride height gains Super-EZ install.

Tire Wheel Backspacing Offset 
295/60R20 20x9 - 0
295/60R20 20x9 - +18
295/60R20 20x9 - +20
35x12.5 20x9 - 0
35x12.5 20x9 - +18
35x12.5 20x9 - +20

NOTE: Very minor modification to front fender liner requires to clear a 35 x 12.50 tire.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The provided tire/wheel fitments are approximate. Actual dimensions of a given tire size can vary considerably from one brand to another. Manufacturers' wheel offset and backspacing measurement points are not always consistent. Backspacing greatly impacts tire-to-fender clearance when turning. Wheel width and backspacing influence whether the tires protrude past the fenders, and to what extent. Considering these important factors, we recommend that you fit-check your tire/wheel selection prior to purchasing.

  • Installation time: 3
  • Difficulty level: 2

NOTE: DOES NOT fit Pro Series and XSP-X

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